Residential real estate is quite sensitive to macroeocnomic events, as the practice has reflected back in 2008 (US mortgage subprime crisis) and in 2019-2020 (pandemic influence). This also goes for Moldova, even if one may appreciate that our country is far from the epicenter of global economy. In 2008 our country suffered a real estate crisis, which lasted for several years and the price per square meter for new flats in Chisniau dropped from 800-900 to 500 euros.

Begining of 2020, the price of the apartments in new residential complexes stood at around 650 euros. During the lockdown, for 2-3 months the real estate market was virtually paralyzed, and subsequently prices began to rise sharply by about 50 euros per square meter each quarter.Thus, at the end of 2021, the average price for apartments in new blocks or those under construction reached 850-900 euros per square meter. In Moldova, one can say that the appartment market is vastly in the hands of real estate agencies. They take over the search engine optimization times, provide hedge over risks and fraud, so we can say with certainty that 90% of real estate transactions are brokered by agencies. Choosing the right and reliable real estate agent is a difficult and meticulous process.  The most well-known agencies in Moldova are considered to be:

1. Proimobil
2. Axa Imobil
3. City Imobil
4.Cvartal Imobil
7. Metru Ptrat
8. Nika Imobil
9. O’key Imobil
10.Remark Imobil
11. Acces Imobil

In today’s highly charged and competitive real estate market, agents have to do more than acquire a license. They need to use all the skills and tools at their disposal. Increasingly, online tactics are becoming more and more the rule, rather than the exception to effective marketing.

The global consumer survey showed that, among respondents who had bought or rented a property in the past seven years (or who had attempted to buy or rent a property), 63% had looked at real estate agencies’ websites for finding this property and 54% had visited property websites (not linked to a specific real estate agent).

The most used sources for finding a real estate property for sale or rent from 0-100%:

– Real estate agencies’ websites- 63%
– Property websites (not linked to a specific real estate agent)-54%
– Advertising on the internet- 33%
– For Sale/Rent’ board outside property- 29%
– Advertising in local paper-26 %
– Personal contacts-21%
– Hired a real estate agent to find you a property-19%
– Auction-3%

Real estate transactions are very important and imply a high responsability. The mistakes made in transaction operations can lead to serious consequences, so it requires a very important approach. The services offered by the real estate agencies meet the highest requirements of the client. Real estate specialists have a colossal experience and will offer an individual approach and the most intelligent solutions to problems related to real estate.